Friday, February 12, 2010

To blog or not to blog...'s not really a good question. I HAVE to blog for my writing class at WCU this spring semester, but I'm not really all that torn up about it. I have never been one to keep a diary, and besides my slight addiction to other social networking sites, I don't write for fun on a regular basis. As an English major, I am constantly writing, but I wouldn't always call that "fun."

So I'm going to give this a shot. Blogging should be fun, and I hope to write creatively, and perhaps inspire someone to think about something. I want to be hopeful and optimistic....

Propaganda. A word that, for me, elicits an immediate picture of a WWII cartoon drawing or a message from Uncle Sam wanting "You!" An image forced into the public eye to persuade. However, propaganda, I have learned and am continuing to see everyday, is way more complex.

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